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Happy New Year 2021

As you welcome in the new year of 2021 and say goodbye to 2020 remember the lessons you've learned, the adventures you've enjoyed and the trials you've endured, as it is those that will bring into a new year the hope for a better 2021 that is filled with blessings. The years of 2020 and… Continue reading Happy New Year 2021

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Merry Christmas and Peace on Earth

I'm not perfect, never have been, never will be. I've made huge mistakes in my life and experienced many deserved consequences as a result. By the grace of God I have been forgiven. My heart was touched by Jesus, I was convicted of my sins, I then confessed my sins to God, I then with… Continue reading Merry Christmas and Peace on Earth

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I Am Not Strong

I want everyone to understand this so please read this entire post. After sharing my post here and on my social media sites about “My Injur-versary” I’ve had a lot of people call me strong, brave, etc. I am not strong by any stretch of the word and I most certainly am not brave. What… Continue reading I Am Not Strong

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My Injur-versary

June 16 2020 marked 1 year since I have walked a step or even stood unassisted on my own feet. Yes on June 16, 2019 I took my final steps on this earth and short of a miracle by God I have been told that it is likely the last steps I will take this… Continue reading My Injur-versary

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Jesus Is My Refuge

I may seem like a happy wappy chipper gal because I try not to share my suffering online very often (I need to do better in that area and open up more). Let me tell you I've had heart breaks, devastating setbacks and challenges, especially health challenges that would make the strongest person think about… Continue reading Jesus Is My Refuge

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Gastroparesis Awareness: Overview? Causes? Symptoms? Treatment?

What is Gastroparesis? Gastroparesis is a condition where the patient suffers "Paresis" or partial paralysis of the stomach. This results in delayed stomach emptying of food into the small intestines. Food typically is fully digested, broken down by the stomach and passed into the small intestines within a four hour period of time. The vagus… Continue reading Gastroparesis Awareness: Overview? Causes? Symptoms? Treatment?